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Portuguese Brass

Braga Trombone Festival | Registration

Hello! Welcome to II Braga Trombone Festival. 

You will find in this page the form submission to all Braga Trombone Festival (BTF) masterclass's and pedagogical activities, and please note all the important information present in the 2019 regulation form (see HERE).

You can submit your registration in any modality, regarding that the final seriation of candidates will be responsibility of BTF organization, according with the information present in the BTF regulation. The registration will be concluded when the candidate receive an email from the organization of II BTF informing that the registration has been accepted. Afterwards, the candidate has to transfer a 50% deposit of the modality value, or the full payment of the modality value until 30 of July 2019. Failure to comply with this requirement excludes the participation of the candidate, who will be replaced by an alternate.

- Choose your modality: